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reasoning ; and were it not for incontrovertible facts, we could subscribe
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years ago, and giving a demonstration on the subject.
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latter, owing to their bulk and consistence rise above the pelvis,
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instrument have appeared in different books and periodicals,
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spontaneous combustion of the human body should have ever found acceptance
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at large, whether this be approval or disapproval ;
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clinical observation as to the diagnostic value of the
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nate by crisis the hyperleukocytosis may also disappear abruptly,
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cial life, and all sciences which have moral agents for their
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same in all Jcases — viz., an infiltrated spot slowly increasing in
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is one of nutrition primarily ; the muscles of the neck
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prolongation was 14% with no instances of greater than first-degree
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which the French have applied the term. This nomenclature is, however,
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the washing out of the uterine cavity with a 2 per cent, solution of carbolic acid.
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malarial parasites are extremely minute, others (Gregarines) may be visible
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hospital, or even in the same wards. There were various accurately recorded in-
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other nerves, viz., the third cervical, small occipital, and great
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the organ, observed post-mortem. Both the experimental and the clinical
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of the SMS from 1990-1995, serving as chair in 1992-1993. In addition. Dr
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to insure perfect rest of the inflamed part than for any other
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ponents have made them after the tenth day. When it is con-
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militate against other surgical procedures are equally operative
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paratus, we have our choice of several different instruments.
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quently twice delivered her by Csesarean section of a living
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countenance was clearly pale, and had an anxious ex-