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many other instances, that a person infected by this atmosphere
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Hansen in 1873 and has not yet been cultured in vitro
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In three cases of melancholia in women, who refused
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power to restore its healthy quality to the blood would be the
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The Reflexes. — The superficial reflexes, such as the abdominal
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frequently attended with spina bifida occulta, a fact
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go out and attempt to kill the first person they meet.
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body and laid upon the table, to use M. Louis's ex-
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seized at Bristol, with a violent sore throat, so as to prevent him from
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ble to compare one rate with another with significance and under-
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state which renders ansesthesia dangerous and speed most
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variety, sometimes several varieties. Streptococci are most commonly
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in the other tables in which it occurs it is taken by itself on its own
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diphtheria has been transmitted, either experimentally or
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inmates, may, perhaps, change his mind on still further in-
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Dental Journal. No. 12S— Memoir of Dr. Briuton— Phelan's Observations
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waukee County, State Medical Society of Wisconsin, and
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Gardner and Perkins, had their hospital at Point Shirley. In August,
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culin Test: Their Relation to Public Health.— E. R.
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how the arithmetic of that committee was bad. j. f. h.
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cent earthquake in no greater degree than their fellow-
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flexion of the fingers into the palm of the hand. It wa.>;
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fits which the science of medicine has received from
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Increase in the arterial tension, more particularly that referable to hyper-
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ataxy are only markedly noticeable during excitement