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poultice or cataplasm, in cases of burns, chafes, irrita-

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Eunice Hugar's letter of October 16th had read as follows:

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cially to meet the needs of the medical students who are taking up

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varied from 1008 to 1024, later from 101 1 to 1 020 ; erythrocytes and hyaline

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by the galvano-cautery. On the other hand, Chiari advises that

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The anterior margin of the lefl lung emphysematous, bul to no great extent. On

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tically left the system, by way of the kidneys, to such an extent that it

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thickening developed, with the usual very slow return to normal

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worthy mystery. These remarks, of course, do not apply to uniting with a

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slight exercise, some pruritus vulvaj, and an increased quantity of

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Par., 1897, 10. a., iv, 950.— Ijepage. Du diagnostic de la

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other category, the better it will be for both the profession and the laity.

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ments, unless he can insure his patient a good result by

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the vagina. Continuing the dull dissection with the

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apparatus, conjoined, possibly, with the spinal cord, de-

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such absence. The annual dues of the Secretary are remitted.

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and encouraging, remembering that even failure is a de-

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swelling showed itself at lower and outer portion of

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Facts are stubborn things, however, and it is now con-

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injury than he was obliged to run the risk of operation shock. Still,

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Tuberculosis; An Early Public Analyst; Treatment of Epileptics;

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This answer startled me. It was not satisfactory to my old-

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day, May 27th, at the Athenaeum, in Pearl Street, at 10 o'clock in the

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the patient and his friends were proportionately strength-

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noticed. For instance, sexual excess, coffee drinking, and

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A HAiNDY pocket-manual, well-written. A special feature is the

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in the muscles. H'- Cannot put his tongue tar out on account of the pain on opening

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deal in the broadest generalities and each one has to think out and decide

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the hollow viscera. In virulent streptococcic infection there is a little

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tioa after destruction of their corpus striatum and thalamus, and that,

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Koch was not only able to isolate and cultivate the cholera bacillus,

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and thoroughly cleansed (a process requiring at least twenty

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great difficulty The symptoms had been coming on upwards of

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5. — Brothers discusses the various theories of menstrua-

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possible. Cabot has recently shown,^ by postmortems in the Massa-

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over the cardiac region, they avert syncope. To assist the