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when these women come to us the uterus is one third or one half larger
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. With throbbing of temples, oppression of chest. 1063,
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Microscopic section of the mass (right ovary) shows a loose
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practitioners esteem it a valuable method of treating
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fectly safe and efficacious remedy — gravel, chronic inflammation of the kidneys, or bladder
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as the examination of diabetic urine. But the mind of
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Eichhorst reports, in the case of a laborer forty years old,
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that increase of sickness is the normal effect of a rise of tempera-
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the measures of international co-operation proved that
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meanor for any person to practise medicine or surgery in
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to indicate; viz., that the nerves of the ciliary vessels
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free abscesses; 4, abscesses attached to the abdominal wall,
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unfortunate, be he rich or poor. Tiie boards of insi)ec-
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cornification. The normal epidermic cell consists of a cell-membrane
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calomel, and the lancet, as the terrible fate of humanity. An old
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number of cases than in any other form of disease. During the last
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hospital, March 19, 1850, with retention of urine of two days'
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culin Test: Their Relation to Public Health.— E. R.
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longs to their presence or absence in the sputa, as regards the diagnosis of
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conduct, when he had no interest to feign, presented any of the usual indica-
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nation. There are certain examinations in progress — three
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mnch slighter and smaller in the dorsal than in the lumbar region, and contain fewer longi-
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cocci or streptococci, but in some instances the pneumococcus, the
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weeks, when he returned to re-enlist. At this time he
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pass through a s ricture much easier than the ordinary
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that before the war and the disasters which followed this would
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half awakened from profound sleep. When aroused, they have an expression
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his sloop lay in Burling-slip for two weeks previously to
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