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cussed in the introduction. The muscular tone was also decreased in about
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1912, they were again in the second zone, this time living next door to
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will be presently described under " Dilatation with Failure." But com-
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Likewise, in states of glaucoma I commonly employ calomel
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day has not yet dawned when it shall be thought a thing
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combined force of its own gravity and that of the column "of liquid
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Chronic Interstitial Hepatitis. Cirrhosis of the Liver.
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production of carbonic acid being markedly augmented,
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ulcer were reported — one by Lucre, of Strassburg,
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duced by tuberculization, either by progressively increasing doses or by a
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it will be noticed that the thigh of the paralyzed side flexes on the pelvis.
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and the child, who during the height of the fever scarcely noticed objects
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lesion discoverable by the scalpel or the microscope. Fragments of muscles
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at the Regents' office in the same order as those of pupils in regular at-
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due to streptococci and pneumococci show remarkable differ-
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getic action, nor in which the courage and skill of the
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melt together, and when they are becoming cool, stir in ? dr.
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doses of 2 to 3.5 c.c, depending on the size of the animal and resistance
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with quinine ; and it has occurred to me that the use-
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stated it. I also learned that she had been wet nursed by
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dirt, or to the influence of high temperature. In most cases we can-
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as far superior to it in pathological results as the whole realm of
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ing or intense application to study; or when coffee, to&oooo, or brandy,
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tient has led the physician to believe that some one
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proportion of all such cases, this seems superfluous.
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habit cases, with the nearest of kin rather than direct-
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inmates, may, perhaps, change his mind on still further in-
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88. Restellixi. — Tumor of the Right Lobe of the Thyroid Gland simu-
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tically free from toxic effects. 9. Luff thinks that uric acid is formed in the
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between the veins and the arteries, and when the hernia
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rally relieved therefrom, and ordered to join their respective regiments.