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been established for the collection of fees for the services
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enlarged Edition. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1889. Pp. xii-
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upon the condition of the retina, and upon the judg-
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sense, which follows essentially the method described by
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wluch the temperature of the body is constantly maintained at as low as
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celerated by the increasing secretion of hydrochloric acid and
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ing the administration of health insurance. In pre-
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physical examination — as for admission to the army or navy,
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by the city, and over one-half of it is furnished by private yearly
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! and we accept it as a harbinger of future good results.
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before, and her parents were not rheumatic. She had occa-
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from the eye glass to the end of the tube into which the objective is
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is different from that of the other corps of the army ; it is hand-
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has occurred after an incubation of six or seven days;
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did not insure his patient from a second laparotomy.
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answer by repeating that there had been no sopticinmia in his
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Yes, I admit that is the ideal operation, and if that could always be
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some of the cases on the 19ih, being the 9th or lOib day of disease;
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ciency of the red globules, but without dropsy or entozoa, there
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David Skene was of delicate health, and died a young man before
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liomata, and it is [lerhaps an unnecessary refinement of classification
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fortunately, often successful, at least as to life ; but
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has been through faith in his analyses and judgment that
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With four editions of this question-compend scattered among the med-
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trifles may constitute the turning-point of a case. Then milk
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and irregularity ; caffeine, particularly in cases of cardiac weakness, with
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The rate of rise of the part BC increases, when small quanti-
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and alternating contraction of muscles, it fails as a sup-
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reported case, the fault-finders with the teachings of the master
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6. Brodowski, Miura and Auffermann: Quoted by van Ree, A.
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