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fruitless coughing of a weak old man. After repeated cflbrts the

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one on " Localization in Diseases of the Spinal Cord " ; Dr. Ruf us B.

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number of such tubes have been prepared and distributed

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same rule. If the principle of this rule is right, America

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abortif de l'6rv.sip61o. Bull. g6n. de tb^rap. [etcl. Par.,

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when the food is comfortably taken, and nutrition is thereby improved.

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apoplectiform attack, epileptiform convulsions, or an attack of acute delirium.

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effusion, tumors or enlargements of the liver, kidney, spleen,

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all showed the characteristic drop in blood-pressure. 5 No definite

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efforts as induce proptosis, or to prevent its development by pressure over

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he had himself called attention. A few months ago, however,

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assigned for the disproportionate number of dermoid tumours ; but what-

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Palmas, on the west coast of Africa, not later than December 9.

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o( the lodolorm Question, by Dr. W. W. Van Arsdale, appeared in

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Hemoglobin and Hematocrit Small decreases in hemoglobin and hematocrit (mean decreases ol approximately 0 3 g %

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vided for supervision and perfection of organization of these

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can work on the Diagnosis side from the presenting symptom, study

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Returning now to the first line of development, what is the

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Much ingenuity has also been expended upon the construction of hos-

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into the tissue of the cuboid bone, and firmly retained by the posterior and infe-

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Lock, Clinical Demonstration and Operations, 1 p.m. —

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emphasis on some special tissue or organ, thereby producing a symptom-

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a mixture of salicylic acid and gallic acid in molecular quantities.

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importance, in doubtful cases, of putting the patient

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