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In both ]>hases of respiration, a difference can be made

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tion; namely, by hepatization,* suppuration,! or gangrene. J

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Post-hemiplegie chorea. — Among motor disorders met with in con-

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to this symptom, which has not been previously described, I have found it

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Deycke (1905). Deutsche Medicinische Woch., 1314 (1907) I Ibid., 3;

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Cork ; Rosslewin Morgan, Q.C., Cork. And the Degree of

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prepared, after the jar is filled with hot preserves, and while still hot, close the

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ence to the secondary lesions of the stomach following

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also makes out to be a digestive process, by means oi which

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onstrated by the inoculation of the purulent secretion of the

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four positions at each year. Ihe first year is made up

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sidered, the efficacy of the toxins cannot be doubted.

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twenty-one days after the commencement of the illness. The family refused a post-

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noticed by Marey as an exception to his general law that the heart beat

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lymphatic gland behind the peritoneum and above the

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of the ocular muscles, stating that the abducens is the

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This action continued for about half-an-hour after the first

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The author recently saw a case where a weak diastolic murmur at the aorta,

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Drug Interactions In elderly patients concurrently receiving certain diuretics, primarily thiazides, an

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Most people who go on Elderhostel love the programs.

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the heart, being supposed the same. Dr. M. did not under-

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tions is superadded, and is essential to the completion of the pro-

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same time that the close proximity of the depression to the central line

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characters or nature, seems to me to have been one of the greatest er-

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canal was still present or not, because in those cases in which the stalk of

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" Condiments, according to our author, though they may at first

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cus. In some instances there may be incontinence — the

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energy. The pressure in the capillaries arises wholly from the change

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phenomena presented by a precipitate from an old alcoholic

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Hall, on Hamilton Avenue. Our people have been con-

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Rhodes, C , 1[D, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., has been appointed Surgeon to the

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attacks several times during the cold season. This disease is

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his opinion this system was attended with the most disastrous

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on a plate of cork pierced by an opening, the trans-

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tellows wodang on other portions of the estate will be but little

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stage of the tabes, preceding the ataxy, nay, sometimes preceding the

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obviously difficult to meet. The experiments now reported have

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sclerosis, no one has made so exhaustive a study of this phase of the

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under the clavicle. Posteriorly and inferiorly on this side, there is a harsh tubular

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Sutton's description of this epidemic is graphic and accurate: "The

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duceJ. Tbe utmost objection tliat can be made against the statemcnl,

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London Uospitiil, 2 p.m. ; Uuiirersity College HospitJ.

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decided in -its action. Stille recommends twelve grains of