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speculate that the psychosocial impact of a mandatory nightly

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any lymph accompaniment, and likewise without subjacent softening or

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iodized cod-liver oil. We prescribe it when it is possible during the

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pneumonia, and the second case seen at the Johns Hopkins Hos-

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adherent to the pia mater and cortex cerebri, forming the infe-

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ature, higher than is found in any other inflammation, or in any other

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exudative lesions of the lungs in mice and guinea-pigs and general

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intervals, and its presence is likely to be helpful in

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is cataflam available over the counter

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the confluent variety irrespective of any complication. The febrile mDxt-

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Simple gastric ulcer and chronic gastritis are often confounded with oi^

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arily at Fort Dade, Fla.); Robert C. Loving, Fort Leavenworth

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repeated developments of tumors in people so constituted as

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sired effect. All that they are justified in assuming is

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would be willing to intrust his own life, or that of

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the systemic arteries. To Dr. Sanderson's objection that

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however, to the statement that frozen sections show that the long

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appliance. A large proportion of patients who present themselves

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the pains are of an intermittent character, as they frequently are,

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From our knowledge of the effects of the balsam on the skin and mucous mem-

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Public Health, in the Persian capital, and a majority of

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characteristic of cholera nostras, add that sometimes also they are whitish ;

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improved and extended of late years, merely confirms the accurate conceptions

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the number of children which lived to be weaned, 512, or 35 for each mother;

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father of pharmacology." The treatment by homoeopathy was harmless, inexhaust-

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same direction. The olecranon is very much enlarged and

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perative. The statistics of operations for gangrene are favorable. The excessive

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satisfactory, and has seemed to us to hasten the convalescence.

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medies whose efficacy has been well proved, but whi'**

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also describes a new method of cataract extraction.

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patient's occupation except in those cases in which it becomes