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was made to cough. On percussion of the chest resonance was obtained in the inframam-
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envelop my person, neck to wrists and thence to shoes.
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lar attention to the great importance of examining every patient^
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negro 30 years of age, who had recently been vaccinated.
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those little herniie, particularly at the femoral ring,
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as the time of its maximum intensity. Their principal contribution lies
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needless disappointment experienced in the attempt to make a given case fit
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Indications and Usage; Axid is indicated tor up to eight weeks tor the treatment
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prescribed for and treated by its own special indications, and
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or the destructive effect of salvarsan and neosaivarson on the organism.
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cases. Take, for example, the composition of alcohol, the commonly received for-
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be of interest and useful to call the attention of the Con-
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peutic work, is constructed on this principle, and is known
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and accepting person, he may make excellent use at this point of the
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himself. The old story of Lady Hester Stanhope, and the
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Nebraska State Medical Society, Lincoln, May 7-9, 1901.
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The following are the notes of the three cases in which this
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aigfi, idiocy has been excluded from the one end of the scale and senile
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influences controlling contraction of the cardia. Rosenheim believes
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which appeared on the fifth of March, and on that day he was taken sick
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ra3mbc!r that the optic tract curves around the crus
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TABLE 1 —Mucocutaneous Injury Reports by Job Description *
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sion of reporters. The proceedings, the actual work
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a painful and sometimes a paralyzing over-distension of the bowel by rapidly
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he knows what he is prescribing. I don't care whether the drug which
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Repr. from : Tr. M. Soc. 'W.Virg., Wheeling, 1884, xvii
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The increases in weight in the latter set represent, of course, the car-
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Falkiner, and is divided into two periods of five years.
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with its diffuse application to, and investigation of a variety of
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in about the middle of the tumor, from which a thin and at
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(a few only) ; lower part of neck and upper part of chest ;
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patients, and prescribed by physicians in preference
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An Old .Associate. — The term " ISarurin" means simply "heavy