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f. e., in checking muscular atrophy, a continuous application of electricity ex-
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flamed part." But the heat of parts is greatly augmented where
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the cord-like feeling often mentioned by diflFerent observers. In some
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the parts are all welded ; the chair consists of only two pieces — ^the
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of the outer palm and broke off in it. It was dusk, but they
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nounced fear of death as to have it dominate her entire
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(a) Repair Base. (Include estimate of major facilities to
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except when the cervix is involved. As a rule the cervix must
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subsidence during which the trichina becomes encysted in the muscle.
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Diseases of the Female Breast, including the hydatid tumour;
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soon fell a victim to the disease he went to eradicate. AW^ all
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connection with the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of
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was present in 10 per cent. The following table gives the comparative
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It is, however, as you know, very difficult to trace the
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tion, confirmed these statements. The cavity was then washed out with a saturated solu-
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the health, sleep, nor the formation of studious habits among the
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against the stump, and the skin flaps brought down over the gauze
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oi)iiiion seems sound that conservative and ex]5ectant methods of
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the same results from T.A.B. vaccine as from a gonococcus or mixed
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cnmulation extended over a long period of time, there may be no pain
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the less the air is implicated. The fact that malaria (bad air),
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ment. The Establishment is warmed throughout during winter months.
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38; Viability, 39; Prophylaxis, 39; Local Treatment of the
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(3) While there has been improvement in the general death-rates