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press. Every newspaperman worthy of the name receives and respects confidential informa-
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duction of spasm of the ciliary muscles, and with this is associated an irrita-
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of the gland is sometimes followed by symptoms, or if atrophy follows a less
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cauterization of the stumps, and even of all new surfaces,
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the di8e£,se "beinj,- totally absent from a given locality
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flammation and the process of repair in so far that cognizance is taken
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Light, means of procuring, 222 ; comparative expense
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Committee oa Lunacy, has sent the following letter to
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have been proven that tuberculosis is caused by the tubercle
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continue, at the time of subscribing, the journal will cease coming when time expires.
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see that his diagnosis was founded upon the color of the
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the facial paralysis is associated with hemiplegia of the limbs on the same
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appeared. In my other personal misadventure, the •
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to the ears of the family, they all took fright, and gave up in
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their secretions are greatly augmented. As these mucous
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Gastrointestinal: Anorexia; gastric irritation, nausea, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, consti-
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General on Governor Dix's staff, and in the Civil War
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mitted throuo-h coordinating centres which bring whole groups of mus-
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which may be prepared by the process of scraping, or by
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temperature of 103 to 105 F., and then roll up in warm blankets in bed and
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of the wheelers swooned in his collar. One of the leaders,
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justified their adoption and continuance in every detail.
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spasms. In exceptional cases it has been said to run a rapid course, and
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of the baby-to-be. In Boston an organization of philanthropic women
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It is our good fortune to have with us to-night as our guest
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substance has been found in cases of mj'elogenous sarcoma
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success which will bear a rigid scrutiny. That such evidence
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fall. "When the germs have entered the system they are capable,
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