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Dr. Plot was desired to acquaint the Provost of Trinity

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Slight transient albuminuria may exist without special danger, but if

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of any kind (except water melons) instead of pills. In other words, by

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plantar flexion of the foot. Less striking, but no less

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and useful will we sacrifice, in any case, on the alter of Con-

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the numbers of provers furnishing the analyzed group. Hence,

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behind the iris, the anterior surface touching it for a con-

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the direction of the margin of the costal cartilages. On rapidly

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of 43 pregnant women with HBsAg in their serum. 61 The

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exception, perhaps, of a slight sonoro-mucous rale, which is now and

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The diflierence between the inhabitants of this country and Europeans

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rynx and trachea, and here and there throughout the bronchial tubes

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tumour; temperature of the limb reduced, with a numbness about the knee.

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the representative of the heat at the surface of the human body ; and

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examiners who gave the certificates upon which the pa-

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It must be remembered that marked loss of weight (due to loss of muscle,

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The distinction between rapid and acute tuberculosis has already been

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institutes. The conductors assigned to us have rendered excellent service,

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of a part that was not infected before. It gives her very little trouble

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two eases in which the cerebral music was exactly to his mind. Of one of them,

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in the stomach. It is absent in over 90 per cent, of stomach

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is obvious. A graphic record includes more than can be grasped by any

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Case 2. Mixed productive and lytic process involving posterio-medial aspect of proximal right tibial meta-

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Propensity to suicide has repeatedly seemed arrested by

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