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Battey and McDowell came from the South; and we had, in
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in the small struggling town, which was almost wiped out in the
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bicycle, and sustained a compound fracture of the leg. He was
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and the variola developed simultaneously in 16 cases. In 24
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there be a co-ordinating centre for writing, it must be
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asked to see a child four years old, who had had cough, and had
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poison on the cerebrum are concerned. Indirectly, however, measles
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boiling heat for a considerable time, so that its inte-
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of the legs tind thighs, sncoeeded by nambaess> slight cedenia,
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instruction in obstetrics, it would be a desirable measure and supply a neces-
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turn from the voyage, during which he was constantly seized with
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fibrous or connective tissue in various stages of development. The recovery
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of the time in place of the poultice. Do not try to stop the dis-
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members. The uterus is thus fixed in a plane perpen-
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marked symptom-complex. The symptoms are described as fol-
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straction of the enamel of the anterior Bui&oee
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head, the effects of which, however, had lasted for only a short time.
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has healed. The bursa should be removed at the same
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ach, not long ago, was the seat of an a".ute gastritis. Did you look at
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heat. On the other hand, an impartial analysis of the problem leaves
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greatly enlarged, as was also the liver. The blood at first
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He was recently enabled to carefully examine the cord
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system. It is usually said that they do not occur in functional
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Unless the head rotates into an anterior position as it
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extensors would behave differently from the long extensors.
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currents through the tube. The comparison was made with a Coolidge tube
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dosage, necessitating slow and careful work. All the investigators who
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tory support if signs of deteriorating lung function occur.
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College, the real object of medical education is to train the
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of war at Pretoria. Such a verdict on a member of the
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After the immediate effects of the narcosis, there was
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circumstance is also added that both the widow and eldest son of this