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ing forces both arduous and dangerous. On December G
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applying a poultice made of common table-salt and the yolk of an egg.
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occasionally develop lyssophouia under such an influence, but animals do
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it probably occurred. Thrombosis of the femoral vein has
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decrease the high arterial tension. Digitalis, strophan-
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scribed a new dressing for wounds consisting of an applica-
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the cortex, congestion of many organs, and sometimes
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constrained to select a few only of those diseases which appeared
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heart,) and hydrothorax, {dropsy of the chest,) &c.
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function of the skin and mucous membranes. In the asthenic the
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its volume (jf 1-40 carbolic acid solution, or of 1 per cent, formalin
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Next in order of importance come color vision, muscle balance,
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immunity throughout life. Certain classes in the community, probably
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ulating; also that cold air is tonic, while warm air is depressing. The
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sidual is three ounces (dilatation of the bladder from ob-
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the first i)lace. M. Bouilly agreed with him in this last
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pnoomonitis is not inft^uently a subacute affection. So, also, when
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tion ; the alteration of structure of the parts, mucous
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rodiagnosis ei tekerdl. [Ho.spital observation on the value
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that there are other coincidents besides contact, which
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ganismus. Arch. f. exper. Path. u. Pharmakol., Leipz.,
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by the negative result of a careful physical exploration of the chest. It is,
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the gastric juice at the bottom is drawn off by means of the
zofran odt 4 mg tbdp