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would have to be insulated— by means of pipes, through which

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in the female, and filiform, with a smooth rounded cuticle and a rounded

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See, also. <Jarrod (Alfred Henry). The collected sci-

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serosa and a reddish effusion from its surface collects in the

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minutes, for the lady was constantly swallowing tepid water or tepid cha-

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process so transformed that it can be taken up from

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large as a large walnut. The pelvis of the right kidney also contained a dendritic

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been given up in favour of the " sling " operation.

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of any kind (except water melons) instead of pills. In other words, by

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1888, xviii. 287-289.— Coiidorclli- Fraiieariglia (M.)

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oxygen (O), and more effectually removing the carbonic acid

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to the Association, it must mark an era in the history of the

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by the compression of well adapted forceps." When we reflect

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new blood in the other acute infectious diseases. In

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accurate differential diagnosis often becomes an impossibility. Thus

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cervical metritis is a very rare condition. Intra-uterine

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of a subject. In the sections on the Senses, and especially

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different degrees; and between these all sense of proportion is lost. Sub-

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many advantages but it requires three to six months for com-

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years 1801-1804, an extremely fatal epidemic of scarlet fever pre-

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dered it a much more agreeable remedy. The syrup we found, indeed, to

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("cancroids") of the skin always are largest in the subcutaneous con-

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first inferred from the fact that the discharge from the opening

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case. Aside from complications, the duration of these

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Park, the Health Department of New York has organized a system

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have a tendency to swell up readily as the result of irritation, to ooze pretty

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subject he derives from earlier Avriters, beginning with Rangone, of

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nating from right to left. The respiratory apparatus,

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which applies to all the figures accompanying this article, to avoid the liability

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1888, n. 8., X, 124. — Jeanbrau ( E. ) Lipome aous-

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Dr. Joachim Guinane was married last month and will reside

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