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1. Liverpool Medlco-Cblnirglcal Jour., March, 1901, p. 64.
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later with severe headache. There was not the slightest trace of any paralysis being left.
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A stout ligature is then tied about the intussusceptum so as
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ROSS I.S. ZBAR, M.D., Department of Surgery, Yale University
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sionally to open and even drain the pleura. Now, not
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Dr. Edward E. Blaauw has been appointed editor of Dutch
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attempted to give my reasons for urging the increased use of
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prior to injection, and the number of living organisms was thus re-
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origin of multiple exostoses. Nicholadoni, 2 Eichorst, 8 Kleen, 4 and others
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Chairman asked the Court, and those in particular who were
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when the small-sized tubes are affected, cough is most violent. It also varies
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(if so it can be called) we confidently reply, that a mere
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secretions in health ; but, so far from these results being produced, opium
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The dressing used in this case commends itself for its cleanliness, for
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synthetic remedies and what has been aptly termed the " newer materia medica," and it
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ful medical men is : Was it wise for the American Medical
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In several remarkable fish having strongly marked reptilian characters, as