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lasted thirty-four days, they encountered much wet and hois-
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ing, which M. Hermite refuses to recognize as a fair exhibition of his process,
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upon the presence of paralbumin in the fluid, and as to cells looks upon
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no tuberculous masses. Tlic whole surface of the lung was covered with
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tubercle imbedded in the cortical Bubstance. Liverand other organs healthy.
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be washed out with a decoction of liorehound in wine. The dead worms glide
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the measures of international co-operation proved that
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whicli is to act upon them. It sliall be the duty of the Secre-
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parts of the country. Scotland, I believe, has been altogether spared by
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the way of the working classes making the provision
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Belladonna^ according to Brown-S^quard, diminishes the reflex activity of the spinal
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iodoform and robber dressing to keep out faeces and urine. This method
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■a disc of bone.) If the inflammation has continued long, especially, at the
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the chest in forced efforts of expulsion, as well as those of the spine
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Dr.' Thomas Minor, in the " Essays on Fevers and other Medical Subjects, ^^ pub-
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how badly their condition may have gotten. This brings
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important. The history of the case necessarily enters into the ques-
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the dominant position and was necessarily the essential feature,
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been considered malignant. He had followed out some cases
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from the eighth to the eleventh or twelfth day, subside, and
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Eiitwicklung des lledullarstrauges bei Knocheufischeu,
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is scarcely deserving of the confidence of either the community or the
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"With reference to the curative treatment of this class of diseases,
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1 Bull., et. Mem. de 1. See. Anatomiquede Paris. 1902, Vol. iv., p. 588.