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have warmth applied to his feet and epigastrium, so as

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operation. Such a tendency is pernicious and should be

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feebleness of the heart's action from disease, as fatty degene*

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may be transmitted by clothing or third persons, or whether it

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obtained from the fasting stomach is usually watery and often contains

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his whole knighthood were at the time not yet in flower, and aseptic

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or cold ablutions and frictions with sea-water once or twice a day, so as to

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The influence of renal complications was not recognized

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many people have a little prejudice on that point, it is as well to

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Moorlields that cases of trachoma arc very much less frequent

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fixed corneal corpuscles proliferate, but only produce

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disease, such as may be given if based on the absence of all the physical signs

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ally conceded. The experiments of Goltz showing the presence of sweat nerves

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Definition. — Obstruction to the flow of blood into the

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hattan Eye & Ear IIosp. Rep.,'N. Y., 1894, i, 85-88. Also,

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The remedies which possess the most certain and direct in-

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obtain some very valuable data as to the relations of locality,

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very small numbers, while in the chronic foTm they were more

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to contribute himself 10,000 francs. In political circles, how-

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" 2. Large doses act as a direct poison to the nervous sys-

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spoken of, a small part goes to supply the trunk and lower ex-

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To minimize the risk for diphtheria, all U.S. residents

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admirable remedies, combined with the cod-liver oil, or given

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turned, and in the afternoon she got cramps in the limbs. She was admitted

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cautery had l)3en previously used in tliat portion of

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duce similar results, until either the remedy loses its power or the

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tile coccyx. A stout needle and ligature, carryiuLTthe

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tated about its Axis," in the Transactions of the Amer-

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and varia»lla, scarlet fever, and measles have lM»en seen curiously blended in

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it reappeared in the same place as a tiny black dot, which slowly

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has been investigated by Dr. Stefanelli, in Florence, and he finds

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