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south-west or north-east as they pass from zones of greater velocity to those of
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immediate increase in rate to 200, after which the heart continued to beat
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Clinical Cases. — A young woman under my care had been suffering from syphilis
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blish that the head must have been cut off while the woman was living, but
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recent works on fractures — a circumstance, however, with which we do
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prolongations, from neighboring cells, produce, after the disappearance
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periments on himself and on numerous sick and convalescent indi-
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remarkable case of endarteritis obliterans. During life it was
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give a teaspoonful of Saltpeter two or three times a day for a
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Ilyper-activity of .\nterior Lobe combined with Deficient Action of Posterior
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sons does not act as a medium of infection, it is hardly
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gradually appears after some time. At a given moment the signs of
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to procure the miscarriage of the prosecutrix. According to the evidence,
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is. Details are given of a case of phthisis, where the
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driving motor vehicles until it is determined that they do not become
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fold appears near the posterior superior edge of the meatus : if the
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I smoothe and shape each bandage with my hand as I am
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Has some motion in right side, and no longer passes faeces and urine involun-
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tubercle, lupus, and syphilis are related diseases. He, as
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tions, the infection is very remarkable, a very large per-
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apparent over the anterior and middle portions of the hemisphere convexities,
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is absent or moderate. This condition may be interrupted by attacks of
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