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a. Certain nerves must proceed fyoui the cerebrum to the muscles which are to be called into action.

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in which the victim gave as the reason the intense pain

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to troubles in fibrous, osseous, and cartilaginous tissues,

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fracture is really one or two vertebrae higher up than those nerves are

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co£fee lay the spoon in the saucer, and drink from the cup.

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thetized, chloroform being employed, as atheromatous degene-

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veyed to this patient, caused in him this dreadful form

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of a gram per day is liable to impair digestion; and the addition of

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then turn them out dexterously on a dish, and pour over them

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Edinburgh Obstetrical Society, — July 10, 1901. — Dr. Milne

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expected by many to become some sort of death-proof

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results indicate that the exact nature of this disease is

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nil cutftneous fevers in animals were set down tis sraall-pox. A

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resorption of the colouring matter of the bile, and the severe cases to a

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in camp, and had been much exposed in severe marches. On rising one

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Sec. 8. It shall elect representatives to the House of

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iar one. In some cases in these tables all the results are

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the eye, arising from a solid substance, which grows so as to

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distinguishing a homicide from an accidental shooting.

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problem is the correct one. For clarity and simplicity, a flow

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ditions in which circulatory and respiratory disturbances play a part. A

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noptosis, and he believes that this inherited tendency is shown by a con-

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and cases are frequently cured in five or six days. In chronic blennorrhagia,

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grains of pulv. tragac. comp. to be given to the child twice a

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be of a proper consistence, readily ascertained by occasionally

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phosphates of the alkalis and alkali earths, minimal quantities escaping

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mosis forceps. Phila. M. J.. 1899, iv,779 — Phelps (A . M.)

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while in one recorded by Dr. Murray in the Clinical Journal of

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quently left his brethren in the City Hall, and fpent

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but some turbid fluid beneath the spinal arachnoid from the mid-dorsal region

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diseases (like anthrax), affecting the blood and spleen