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large city, who wonders how it is possible the inhabitants pan

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place in those who are dying of haemorrhage? — We may sup-

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vember 23d, 24th, and 25th, and during these days the examination

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Karl of Surrey and Anmdel. She was educated by her maternal grand-

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a purulent expectoration are for long the leading features. If bronchiectasis

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prices. The lowest price was $1,000, the highest $2,000, and the aver-

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thickening of the anterior vaginal wall below the ure-

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The objections which will be raised are that the theory

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temperature to which the animal has been exposed while

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* Creolin, to avoid toxic effects, should be pure. That made by Merck is

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divided into microscopic squares. Upon this surface

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lines. In other words, extracts of bacteria should produce the same

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doses beginning with five grains three times a day, gradually increased to

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of the abdomen for plastic work or resection in patho-

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some degree changed. A round spot, thickened, is seen at a little

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viously open to large errors. The second method has the serious

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this not uncommon cerebral type of ancBsthesia, (Fig. 1.)

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a physician receives any public recognition of his services,

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Histology and anatoinical seat of tabes — Discussion of the relation between

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The disputed pedigree of Eclipse, not indeed from de-

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he should at once leave off work and endeavor to find

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doubtless be regarded as the most essential element in the definition of the

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times. These precautions are especially valuable in testing the patellar

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or chill. I directed a little chicken broth and weak brandy and water, and left

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structures are preserved. It is important to take the tissue

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aicomplisli every day, through the week, no inconsiderable journey. The

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renal epithelial cells more or less deformed, or containing oil-drops and

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•rave no opinion, but advised delay. In four to five months after the

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and complained greatly of griping intermittent pains. Her hands and