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a pyosalpinx. It is perfectly clear that these animals,

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A teaspoonlul in water after every loose stool. This in

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A ccidental Vaccination. — A stewardess, aged 40, showed me

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The growths of endocarditis differ from those clots or coagula

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1965. Rowe, Daniel S., 20 Horseshoe Lane, Madison, Conn. (06443)

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of adenoids and enlarged tonsils, and the connection between

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Lancet, Toronto, 1895-6, xxviii, 261-263. — Page (C. E.)

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the main advocate of the theory that natural immunity was due to

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Colored waiters in white coats attended. Each table was

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the question of, "How shall the surgeon clean his hands?"

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mountain ridges from the Adirondacks to Asheville and

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continuous above with the dilated cephalic extremity (so to

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ville, Va., in 1873, was graduated from the Starling

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is often the only curative measure, but I do decry meddlesome, un-

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course as required by the Council ; and when such teaching body has been established in

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of biting, and eight or ten days later the malarial parasite may

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with regard to the grounds on which the registration of suc-

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in the liver are followed by reparative processes that constitute a chronic

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centage in the early days of the syphilitic cases ? I ac-

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certain that the calcium so precipitated in the dead area would remain

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by a colleague during the discussion (?) following the report of the case.

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Sulphate of Sparteine. — Hans Voigt, says The Lan-

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cicatrix. When no local cause is present the symptoms are —

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angle, including the use of the Carrel-Dakin method. Sir Almoth

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in pregnancy the maternal blood seems to acquire protective powers

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prize of fifty guineas, the subject was on the anatomical struc-

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that greatly interested me. As I have before intimated, his

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on lactose, although in lactose bouillon free from muscle sugar a bub-

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very vascular and ])ulsating, and several London surgeons prontnmced it to bo

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years 1801-1804, an extremely fatal epidemic of scarlet fever pre-

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Their secret lay in the use of that maxim of instruction advanced

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