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was 76 per cent. There was history of dyspnea on exertion. There is no
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following which there had been more or less tympanitic
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bougies, suggested by Dr. Mackintosh, and the modification of it by Dr. Simp-
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respiration. In the act of inhalation, the oxygen of the atmos-
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sclerosis in Friedreich's ataxia is not (in the posterior columns at any
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is more common than in the left. Abscess of the brain, secondary to ear
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is shown in Fig. 6. Where a thin plastic layer only in-
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stituti6nal diseases, even such as do not emaciate and debilitate the
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geons, and stood high in the esteem of his fellow practitioners. At
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own veins, a statement more graphic than accurate; for if the heart
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so common and so widespread that it has come to be regarded,
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would rather surround with mystery, and experience alone decide as to malig-
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in the oil-bath, it may be brought to a temperature of 135°
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utterly chimerical. This labor question is not new ; it
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gurgieon does not possess. There is such a thing therefore, as homeopathic
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tempts were made to deliver with forceps, but unsuc-
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in the right lumbar region. The urine contained blood for several days. The patient
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usually marked enough to make the patient take to bed at once. In
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will necessarily be introduced into the bosom of families, and.
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universal occurrence of epidemic diarrhoea or cholerine, in anticipa-
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be graded inversely to those of children. This seems