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A similar examination of the intestines indicated rather less

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He took the medicine for a fortnight longer, when the cough had completely left

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In Part III pituitary disorders and their treatment, medical

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health, and is at present at Carlsbad. — Med. Times and Gaz., Aug. 7, 1880.

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the Professors, who is authorised to enter students to the Col-

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In Cases i and 3 it is conclusively shown that heroin

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will be handed round at Government House at Calcutta and

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Gentlemen entering at St. Thomas's in the second year of their Studentship pay

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ficient in some degree, yet unless they were reasonably satis-

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White, Resident Physician at the Willard Parker Hos-

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I will select from my notebook a few well-marked cases

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observer. (See PL 4, Fig. 4 e, and legend.) Most hematologists

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retention in the bladder. Gutta-percha catheters, it is

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in which the ovaries influence malignant growths starting

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to them, without dissection exhibiting any ulceration of the

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and fingers. The disease is particularly liable to attack the ends of

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although the tendency to relapse is very pronounced. Fatal cases termi-

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respect to the nature of it — they all maintain it to be inflamma-

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sponding quantity of urine, and that this continues for nearly two years

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one-half inches below it. In the plate furnished the sheath

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beavoided. In any event multiple opera- lae, and distressing fatalities, an appeal

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hospital on June 21. Dr. Eugene Satterlee, the house sur-

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ficiently large doses is a well known fact to the medical profes-

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weight. The forests lying more southerly, on tlie contrary, are

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second sound over the ventricles appears as it were the accented end of

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the cause of a migraine with projections creeping over the field from one side

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cattle are said to be soaking in the stream above the in-

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The safe place to deal with that deficiency is at the

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Gout and cirrhosis of the liver. . . 1 Heart block 2

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at first dry, but afterwards accompanied by frothy sputa, some-

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Partial collapse might be used alternately in either

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D;i. IIkxry G. Davfs, formerly of this city, a gen-

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Bathybius ruled the roost. He was baptized by Huxley " Bathybius