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ditions in which circulatory and respiratory disturbances play a part. A
a longer or shorter time, mark the condition or make
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are most frequently to be found just below the clavicles
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iMarinian, Rivista Clinica, Bologna, 1884; Longard, Zeit. f. Nervenheilk.,
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tient is well and there is no relapse anywhere. The
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aborigines. Proctor isolated from this plant a liquid alkaloid as its prin-
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prepared in accordance with “ Uniform Requirements for
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those malpractice allegations will be closed without an award for dam-
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Barbary, F. : Cong, internat. de la tuberc, 1906, i, 566.
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Insurance." In the course of his remarks Dr. Thorburn mentioned
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performed suture of the velum palati for congenital fissure one
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as my observation goes, the effect of cold is negative ; for in a careful
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probable that the milk had been sufficiently exposed to the chance
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Nov. 16th. — Had a good deal of sleep; pulse soft, and with
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Clinical Cases. — A young woman under my care had been suffering from syphilis
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to be looked upon as a sign : but it sometimes is a
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Fig. 3. Hypothesized Mechanism of Fibrinolytic Defect in Vasculitis.
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Excellent Teaching- Facilities ; Modern Colleg-e Buildings : Ideal Lecture Hall and
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sally believed, llhazes and Avicenna tauglit that small-pox and measles
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B. R. Harmon, M.D., from Watertown, to Woburn, Mass.
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by the prosecuting officer in bringing such offenders to justice. We
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pressure is maintained in part by the vaso-motor system of nerves
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they diminish the metamorphosis of the tissue elements. Few
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the pathological conditions to be met. It is generally accepted that in
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Still the pile is a very useful instrument for simply proving
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cinchona bark in autumnal tertian and in malignant fevers. In fol-
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"nature of leprosy," it is believed that a proper appreciation of the
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worthy fact^ however, that the most careful clinical anal-
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the vagina. I do not believe we can do much with the douche itself,
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bis sufferings, the physician suspected the existence of some organic dis-
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and is developed as in other tumid conditions of the
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tenth and twentieth years, 6 cases; between the twentieth
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teristic, and this i)roperty is the proven attribute of all
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its progress so many of the phases of the poisonous