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relative birthrate of the rural population greatly exceeds that of the

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Blood Pressure in Medicine and Surgery, those subjects of especial interest to medi-

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it was for the cure of that pain that he entered the

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1. President's Address : The Mutual Obligations of the Surgeons and

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quently it is difficult to differentiate the different types of central

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or more healthy goats in every herd are excreting the M. melitenMs

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may safely assume that the rate of the general yearly mortality

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culture from an abscess of the brain in an epileptic a streptothrix,

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moval of the uterus with the appendages, the objection being

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for bry. with excellent results. Improvement was steady and

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and the two Bodies at present outside the scheme — the Society

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I therefore find it advantageous, before the effects of the

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Buenos Ayres, in Bangkok, Siam, and a few isolated cases have been

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salts, but it has been used by Dr. Flick with such satisfactory

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and fingers. The disease is particularly liable to attack the ends of

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bromides. Clouston refers to a few rare cases, in which a chronic form of

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paring the resulting color with a set of tubes which

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more especially the same defects that commonly result from acute

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also certain that when sleep is induced in these cases b)'

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because its rupture is not necessarily a sign of sexual intercourse,

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may utter a cry and die before its body is entirely born. Among the

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place. In patients with a catarrhal onset the cough is frequently loose

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nephrotomies, with no deaths; while of forty-four nephrec-

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the surface between the papillae. The wall, consisting of horn

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too early or be too frequent, and it should be spontaneous — i.e.

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that envelope them, and finally by the absorptive process make

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Hospital, December, 1857. About six weeks before, she began to

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^ An Inquiry into the Causes of ike Motion of the Blood ; mth «??

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praevia are not cases for cesarean section ; they are cases for immediate

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said act designated in Kentucky Statutes (Carroll Edition) as section

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be doubted." — From the iloniteur, Jan. 6 : " Sante Publique.

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