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(3) Intestinal Actinomycosis. — ^The condition may be primary or j»-
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When writing Advertisers, please mention The American Journal of Clinic
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under such circumstances, especially if it be contiguous to a cavity, unless he
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larly in those in which interstitial nephritis accompanies the other
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The Issue, as a curative agent, has received of late years very
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condition. These factors apply with some force also to the prognosis of
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Then it summarizes the results and points out advan-
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it possible to decide whether the surface of the liver is smooth or
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occurred in my own experience, that I believe is not
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point to their utmost capacity. The usual method of
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BoYAL Ixstitction, 3 p.m. Dr. Tyndall, " On Heat and Light."
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All the animals died within 48 hours (table 3). Necropsies as in the pre-
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are rarely seen when they are stained with methylene-blue, but though
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cited by the presence of the tophaceous deposit. These effects are by no
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remains of a placenta were removed, with some three pints of matter.
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Charles L., 2 years old, came under my care at the out-
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A lady, well experienced :n the practice, will attend
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lancet should not be used if the symptoms can be controlled by other
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the vegetable salts of ammonia, in particular the lactate, carbamate and
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somiasis, albuminuria, transcortical aphasia, adiposis dolor-
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Smith's opinions as to the propriety of abolishing religious
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dred and one hundred and twenty grammes of glucose to
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sleep, and afterwards ceased almost entirely. A somewhat similar instance
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Chicago Lying-in Dispensary, Central Free Dispensary, and Michael Reese Hospital.
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absurd and useless privileges belonging lives of the people, by undertaking to
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schr., 1895, xlii, 1003-1006. . Zur Cbininbehandluug
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