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the information derived from experience surely claims that at-
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sanguinolent, prognosis is more or less bad. Care must be
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ham) ; H. E. Eastlake, F.K. and U.C.P. ; R. Greenhalgh,
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In the patient now before us we are led to exclude common
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WHILE ALIVE. Indeed I confess to being convinced by the results of
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chronic areolar hyperplasia, and malignant disease. Indeed, in speaking
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to he taken out just as much as a fibroid tumor of the uterus,
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lymptoma would undoubtedly be thereby relieved. By impairing the
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between nerves and tendons, but nevertheless confused
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infection by streptococci and those in whom septic processes compli-
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the sitting or recumbent posture. The method of applying them with a
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acterized in an objective sense by disseminated papules, very firm,
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normal or even above normal and contains considerable
and typhus fever have been noted as coexisting. Curschmann considers
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Gynakologie are discussed and disputed. Dr. J. Veit regards the methods of
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convex lens is revolved about a vertical axis so that
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Practical ^iitalasSt »•"! tl^e Use of the Microscope in Diagnosis— By J. Hugh-
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reason that it occurs in the case of infants is because they do not
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involve a great disposition to phthisis. Intemperance is very
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the left forearm. When the patient, a girl about twelve
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immediate cause of the first fit must be regarded as the cause of the
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called consolidation of the lungs, although it gives
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I NJURY or disease of the central or peripheral nervous
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Examining board : President, Division Signal Officer ; Lieut. Otto J. Schott,
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she is quiet and will not talk, she is sure to get well ; if she persistently
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You will notice that in paralysis agitans the move*
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tubercle is really a lymphoma, and the weight of evidence is in favour of this
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of ammonia, in camphor mixture, were occasionally exhibited,
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handled with the address of a master and the enthusiasm of a poet.
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that great numbers of the previously disk-shaped corpuscles became
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had battled for their country's honor; artists who had perhaps once
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If the tumors are no longer than a hen's egg, I hav~
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etc. A few fibres of the left thenar eminence seemed to revive and grow
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