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who had just before entered on carnage bent. Then does

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or anywhere along the river. Humanity demands a system of

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to explain, but by its power of elucidating other phenomena. The

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In one case (Bryan 6 ) instead of a fall in temperature there was a

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to Dr. Lilienthal, of Mt. Sinai Hospital, for surgery. Dr. Lilienthal

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Gazette Hebdom. de Med. et de Chirurgie. Nos. 51, 52, 1874, and 1 to 9, 1875.

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culosis, whether the patient live in the city or in the

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evening applied a bread and milk poultice. The night of the 31st he

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ceed to irrigate the bladder until the fluid returns clear

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In Dr. Jones's essay we see the advantages which the Paris

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somewhat from several points which many men consider essential to

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must have had a marked hemorrhage at the time of injury, losing

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tary, Dr. R. B. H. Gradwohl ; treasurer, Dr. Emory Lanphear;

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produced constipation, or diarrhoea, or both in turns. This

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Congenital jitosis witli syncdironons ti]ii\ eiiinit of tlie

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made a small incision upon the tumour, about two inches above

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and gradually advance the indicator to i or i>^ , according to the state

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ments on pure cultures of tubercle bacilli have repeatedly shown that when

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variety or a bronchopneumonia. Similar characteristics are not

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ponent county societies shall be members in such district societies.

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Of these 91 cases, 62 had undoubted secondary syphilis, 29 had primary sores,

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clusion that parental alcoholism was not the source

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be dead as alive, and the sooner death came the better, owing to the

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history closely corresponded to my own case. Dr. P. reports

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study. The teachers find it a most excellent guide to uni-

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treatment. We should try rest thoroughly first. Now-

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for the silk and hemp formerly employed as sutures, silver, iron, lead, or other

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writers, it is less definite, because no point on the car-

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Public Health, in the Persian capital, and a majority of

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in fact, indispensable if the details of the hematozoa are to be studied,

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Miss B. D., age 22, at the age of 11 began to experience ill-defined