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symptoms of peritonitis; and, on October 2d, a fragment of a third hair-pin.

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Case 2. — Urine from 10:30 ]). ni.. June 13, to 3 p. m., June 14, 1908, sixteen

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brush, and allowed to remain uncovered. Sometimes rags soaked in

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After offering this evidence to the readers of the Record, I

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reference to each other, because the same word may be, and often is,

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ense- organs, as, for instance, the rods and cones of the retinae, build up

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the finger, and over them a moderately large cushion, which surrounds

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from a survey of medicine generally. The manual part

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Examination now reveals excellent parallel movement of the

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Secretary, H. H. Foster, Norlina, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1919 1919 1923

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In such sections it is seen that the hgeniosiderin is

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curator. Dr. W. Wayne Babcock ; committee on member-

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and have been paid, and are now being paid whenever they are offered.

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tion we must, of course, be sure that within six hours the capsules are dissolved

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shown that the amount of false membrane was by no means suffi-

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Gordon, Moses Wolff, a, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. B.S. (C. of City of New York) '28.

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usual severity. Severe types of disease are, however,

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tion of sweating, purging, and starving. One of the most successful cnres Mr.

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of the sigmoid flexure, and Avas free from adhesions. I had no doubt

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rigid that they are no longer capable of distension, and the lining epithe-

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tages, those of protecting the parts from the air and keeping them

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necessary to state that the manner in which the infiltration proceeds is a

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chest, and alcoholic pneumonia is one of the greatest dangere.

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attached to one of the late English Antrctic expeditions, in