Is Allopurinol Used To Treat Kidney Stones

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associated prescapular lymph node is about one-fourth larger than the opposite
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2. This is usually the median basilic vein. But as this vein
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associated with vomiting and tinnitus. It occurs in consequence of
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Temporary hyperglycemia may also be noted following the inges-
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slipped through the ileo-cecal valve and passed by the rectum.
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involve a great disposition to phthisis. Intemperance is very
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ing etiological factors : Mucocele, 24 cases ; abscess,
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as of the morphin habit. Enough cases of heroinomania have now
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Dr. Graily Hewitt's introductory address at University
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nature of the embolic changes occurring under the above circumstances
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cesses. And I need scarcely say that a similar warning is stiU more ne-
is allopurinol used to treat kidney stones
strated a higher hospitalization rate than females (Fig. 2).
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previously practised in the state, before the passage of the law,
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Carbolic Antidote. — Dublin Evening Herald^ April 9, 1904. The
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Brown gave her close after attention and she made an uneventful
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consisted in the two following peculiarities : First, that the
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varicose vein that he had first noticed in 1890 and that had caused
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24. Muller W, Afra D, Schroder R: Supratentorial recurrences of gliomas—