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cury.— By H. C. Cowles, Jr., M. D., of New York, Surgeon to
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Eleven of these were typical cases of pernicious anemia, two were
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bone remained unmoved. I said, rise from your bed. Sir ;
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in which U represents the number of grams of urea in 1,000 c.c. of
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session or control opium or coca leaves, their salts, de-
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have been the same ; neither is it probable that the
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the less the air is implicated. The fact that malaria (bad air),
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week. Coffee is interdicted as arresting metabolism, and sugar
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Prognosis. In forecasting the outlook in a disease with so many varying
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to acknowledge an epidemic influence that does not show
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accept no responsibility for opinions expressed by the
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Association call for the preparation of the list of dele-
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turbance that might be produced. The attacks of cyanosis
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immemorially liable to casualties from ditch, drain, bog, or
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For cystitis, give ten globules once in eight hours until re-
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what are they to day ? Are they not simply humiliating
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was tender to touch, and manifestly shrinking. The eye was
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deed, a thickening of the coats of the vessel can be distinctly
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to become generally diffused. The belief that pain is an invariable
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Dislocation of the Upper End of the Radius Backwards. By Mr. Rivington 142
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C 8 . 5 H 1S . S N0 X was adopted as representing the average composition of the
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tary, Dr. R. B. H. Gradwohl ; treasurer, Dr. Emory Lanphear;
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cicatrized pits behind them ; when it spreads rapidly and
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generally brought to the attention of surgeons. Here-
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formed, with 60 deaths and 47 recoveries. In 114 cases fragments
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cordially, Dr. Ker, superintendent of the Edinburgh City Hospital,