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upon the condition of the retina, and upon the judg-

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system, and that the change is almost limited to the muscles, is strong pre-

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Philadelphia; Prof. Nathan Smith, of IJaltimore; Dr.

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ments seem more binding. The importance of the examiners

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it, we believe it was because the form of duty beckoned him

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bilateral — then another cause may be taken into con-

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occupying more or less extent of surface. These are succeeded

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wise improving itself so as to make it worthy to stand in the

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extremely difficult, for the bladder was found spread out

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to escape the toil and work that is necessary to form a diagnosis.

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persisted until October 22, she regained strength so rapidly that on October

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was unable to attend the Committee, I confess I am per-

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lines long ; the whole of the upper surface of the nose was brownish-

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Professor Albert's assertion as to the inferiority of women,

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considered by many to be summum jus. In this case, the connection of the

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1st. By stnking the chest with the ends of the fingers. This is ob-

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prize of fifty guineas, the subject was on the anatomical struc-

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^SyP*j ^^^ so great was the traditional reputation of the

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Toronto. He soon went to Exeter, thence to Kirkton, and

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position of the stigma is marked by only a small white spot and

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The sources of variation in the multitudinous anal-

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Case I. — T. D. H., aged thirty-two years. Principal symp-

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hypertrophique avec ictere chronique), Paris, 1875, 155 p.

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formation, and albuminoid degeneration, effect important changes in