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no reason in the nature of things for taking place. Had
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post mortem examination the vaccinated animals were practi
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the iodine and iron use an astringent healing powder of boracic
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atrophy always continues long after the practitioner has ex
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of the modern classifications of mental diseases were at
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calls attention particularly to the significance of Virchow s
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degenerative affections of the arteries within the heart muscle
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of the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association.
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infirmary devoted to this special work. He stated his own
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Specimens of bone marrow obtained from autopsy cases
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qua non to application to any board for examination.
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holder of such license resides. The Clerk of such court shall there
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Botany and Practical Chemistry and two courses on Theoretical Chem
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resentation. Membership 8. The Secretary reports this
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lished. This method is used most extensively in anthrax ra
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