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before the medical class, in the Dispensary of the Memphis Medi-

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had first half an ounce, and then, after the lapse of some hours,

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Treatment of Hospital Gangrene. — Dr. Smart, who had

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ulcers. These changes are best marked on the inner surface

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of the pyloric orifice. The congestion is partly diffuse, parth^

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increased prominence, and an extensive reaction in the outward

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modification of what is here stated should become necessary, it

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erable during the night ; pulse a little excited ; considerable pain

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was induced to withdraw it; but, to his very great astonishment,

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from the nose were present in some of the cases. The vaginal

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the serum method when no danger of te- the office walls of the purchaser to fool the

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method. Jour. 0/ Medical Research. Vol. VI. (1901). p. 331.

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being pleasant to the taste, it is especially adapted to ladies and

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neuralgia appears almost constantly to present itself in connec-

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[Dieffenbach acted upon this idea, and proceeded to relate the steps of


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Percussion confirms many of the observations, by the previous

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of treatment, and to appreciate the value of each under the various

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May 15 fh. — Not having gone asleep, and getting more excited,

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tain plants, in order to expel the "eelworm" ^^^^ j„ ^ere agricultural laborers; iS

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the periphery the}' are more loosely arranged and cause a

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and when it had been so great and persist- Objectively the scaling of the scalp has

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of the intestine. 3. Indigestible substances are not unfrequently

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exceedingly valuable, given every two hours. The only objection

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The second point is also one of gi-eat importance : it has

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strongly alcoholised varieties as often do harm as good.

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prompted, led Dr. Boling to three principal conclusions/

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doses varying from two and a half to three and a quarter ounces

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words enthusiastic enough in praise of the and scrotum is normal and pliable.

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it is simply a redudio ad ahsurdum, as we cannot admit

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On a former occasion, I stated that I might at some subsequent

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moved, the true tissue of the mucous membrane lies bare.

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testine, the mucosa of which, it is stated, need not necessarily

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the scrotal cavit}-. The skin covering the parts may show a

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lants as surface-heat, friction, &c., and advantage must be taken

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is not known, that obvious tissue changes are usually absent,

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explanation may be, and it does not seem hard to find, I am

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already framed. Hence the time and op- "«• "'''o have only to wait a short time be-

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lions in the main building for 350 guests, and accommodations in other buildings for 400

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lished to warrant the placing of Behring's cumbent posture. In a small proportion of

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in some of the large epidemics, cases have been observed in

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As much rest in the horizontal position, as is consistent with the