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much before the age of five years, orthopedic apparatus must be employed

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leeches to the chest, besides giving, internally, James's powder and the

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Occasionally in cases of cerebral disease a triceps clonus may be

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'* Diarrhoea, long continued, may be incessant or remittent ; the latter

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In teeth with no sinus repeated cleansing of the root usually results in the

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and 80 forth, would help to differentiate it from cancer. With regard to

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The public and medical profession are cautioned against impositions in this InstronMBt, ■* *"'

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health. When ihls instrument is carefully and properly fiited to the furm ul the patient, it inva-

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ence of mind. Let any one of you, gentlemen, attempt, for the first

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those of the typical course of Malta fever, and the absence of the sequelae

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!OcR correspondent has certainly furnished some very singular cases,

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swallowed three six-drop doses in milk ; in this case erosions were found in

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healed more favorably than could have been expected. The fatigue