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of the patient. If the perineum be lacerated, it should

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three days, or if the ulceration exceeds the limits mentioned

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cannot help thinking he attributes too much influence to elevation.

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without the least attempt of critical sifting. Thus, e. g., Jahr

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forme; by crises of vomiting, diarrhea, and intestinal pain; by localized edema

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tion is more active ; the sensibility is increased, because the vital properties are augmented

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of the building, the charges may not be unfounded, as

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gas; these are refreshing, and may prove palliative. We may also

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matter, dealing with a superficial affection of the cornea or

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Etiology. — Entering into the causation of cardiac dilatation there are

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The Breath, and the Diseases which give it a Fetid Odor. "With

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section revealed the larynx crowded down on the

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question has been agitated in Milwaukee, and still it seems to crop

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panied by a sealed envelope bearing the same motto and containing the

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to which also will be appended the Editor's remarks."

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In the second class of cases, those of several tracks not

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has been a favorite standby with the legal profession from time

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filthy one; or to use their tooth brush, or to take partly masticated food from the

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may be so numerous and so loud that the breath sounds are completely

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from peritonitis following a gastro-enterostomy performed for

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food for a few hours and then to begin with a rather dilute,

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scratch wig became a thing of the past ; and the doctor adopted a

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the same way when left at rest. The circulation in the muscles

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in a recent paper by Sutugin,* who reports two fatal

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hypopyon escaped from the anterior chamber, and formed the

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had but one case. This had been under observation for

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perforated ; it had merely gone down and laid on the

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blood or lymph. The idea was eventually maintained that this material

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Rev., N. Y., V. 23 (1), Apr., pp. 44-45. [W% W^, W^]

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■of tuberculosis among the lower animals, cases of cutaneous

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Dr. Prout withdrew his motion, and with it the amendment.

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subject seem to imagine that British obstf^tricians believed that puerperal fever

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erythematous blotches come out, and on these flat vesicles form, from a pea

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child could be made to talk, he would be like other children.

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I operated upon him. The incision followed the old scar.

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precipitate had formed and settled to the bottom of the tube.

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sionally in man and the domestic animals in poisoning.

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bring them under the Discipline Committee ; but that I suppose we could not do in this case,

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the next revision of the pharmacopeia, 10 voting in favor, none

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their food of predilection. In the Bois, at the time