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case is ready for a pessary, and the style best adapted to the par-

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and right hypochondriac region, radiating to the back and right shoulder

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Attention should here be called to the irritable heart described by

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shire Hospital during 1892, only 2 per cent, manifested the disease be-

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simillimum the heart complication would not have occurred.

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acts as a predisposing cause. (Ji) Occupation. — The urine of 607 indi-

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of sugar excreted very low. The cause of the unusual thirst is not

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has been the amount of work performed since then. It is of much value

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mingled with the pus in quite a number of small abscess-cavities ; or

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Definition. — A rare acute phlegmonous inflammation of the floor

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right ventricle, the lung-vessels become atheromatous and the lung-

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arching of the body also occurs, though rarely {jjleurostliotonos). The

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also the anterior and loAver borders, reaching even to the umbilicus and

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istic blue color with starches. Fat remains would be denoted by

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the digestive power of the patient to the greatest possible extent. In

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ease tricuspid stenosis is very rare, being usually seen in association

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quently the use of remedies that promote secretion, combined with a

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organisms most commonly present in empyema are the micrococcus

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nearly three months. Out of 5079 persons (the total population of the

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malignancy, but the toxemia of gastric fermentation. The in-

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sists of undigested food, considerable mucus, and fluid constituents that

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0.00042), and brandy (1 dram — 4.0) hypodermically.

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there is a more marked temporary change in the upper level of flatness

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sumed three pints of beer daily, while the urine excreted amounted to

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tive men. We do not like to accept statements as facts unless

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shrunken, and hardly recognizable. Rhomboid crystals of hematoidin

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devoid of serious import or it may be fraught with great danger to life.

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been stated. When there is present much expectoration it is not uncom-

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character to those described in the arm. In this locality, however, as

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oxide-oxygen has become a subject of historical interest only. The sub-

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to assume the claAv position, and the atrophy of the peroneals causes

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to be preferred in some cases. This should be followed by a purge made

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tion of these cases. The chief lesions can usually be determined by

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separation of the bronchial casts, (g) Carcinoma of the lung produces

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