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Downing, Dana Fletcher, M.D. Painful Menstrual Phenomena 1089

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Diagnosis. — The disease Avhen fully established is easih^ diagnosed

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which he incised, but to his surprise no pain whatever was experienced.

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full doses (gr. ^-^^ — 0.0216-0.0324), and may be combined with atropin

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the subject notices that the handwriting is not quite as perfect as before,

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our materia medica, we are almost certain of being disappointed

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medical duty. He spoke of the Hughes Club and emphasized

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slight disturbances throughout life, or else no symptoms at all. remain-

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degenerative as well as atrophic in the second. According to Falli, not

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eral convulsions, of which laryngismus stridulus is a type.

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than they were when I left school. It is a matter of real rejoicing that

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was brought home as a curiosity. Cleansing douches were given

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found, but not one of them has been definitely proved to be the specific

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or general (anasarca), and sudden or slow in onset. It is purely renal

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elevated ; the tongue at first is furred and moist, and later it is dry,

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Diagnosis. — Very frequently will simple vesical irritability be con-

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Dr. Coffin: — Certain eruptions which take place during the time

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Nowhere in medicine have such ingenious surgical operations

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not a true nephritis, although the ]att,er maj be a more or less remote

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are involved, there is often difliculty in voiding the urine, associated

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dition the term of "putrid sore mouth "). occasional slight hemorrhages

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Professor of the Principles of Surgery in Jefferson Medical College,

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^ " The External and Internal Use of Guaiacol," Therapeutic Gazette. Mar. 15, 1895.

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moral abandonment during the greater part of the year, and in Turkey

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itant. They also present through the pleura a bluish-red tint, and on

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is greatly diminished, but bile-pigments and albumin, tube-casts, leucin

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cachexia, and the progressive enlargement of the liver, with the charac-

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heated hops, will all do good service. For the dull pain which is so dis-