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and not, as most other sphygmographs do, upon a curved surface. Another advantage
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For the years 1887-8, the average monthly wages paid to
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pathological findings are usually quite characteristic. Probably due to mixed infec-
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gastric ulcer had developed shortly after the operation of nephrectomy
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diagnostic value. Thus, whereas the presence of hexagons -of cystin is the
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tuberculosis is very apt to be attended with involvement of the snrboe of
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used by Lamb for several years with great success: —
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time. Afterward the danger is mainly from exhaustion^ unless in the
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Dr. Anstie exhibited a specimen of dilatation of the arch of
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skin, which is thus formulated: Phenic acid, 50 cgm. (from 30 cgm.
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duction of apparently similar changes in certain other occasional constitu-
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condition involving an imperfect aeration of the blood, and many de-
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vescent substances (bicarbonate of soda and tartaric
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exciting in cases of chorea. The reader will know that I allude to
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through nervous sympathy (reflex action). It is commonly
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" Whereaif, After a long and laborious life devoted to the
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-I'liil.iti' III .iikI -i.ittiiid ui pil.iliiili-. 'I'lir I rrl'ii.iliMii jit iiul nililiiiid
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period the subject is but briefly discussed, the classi-
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and desirable, lessen to an equal extent the conservatism
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cell hemoglobin concentration, mean cell hemoglobin and the leukocyte count.
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after-pains — the deep-lying parts supplied with nerves from the lumbar portion
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Prudden * examined the sputum of three cases of bron-
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and what was it ''t Our auscultation excluded the lungs : it
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for the relief of pressure it is advisable not to suture the dura, and in
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Dr Mclvin, a celebrated dominie with a genius for his calling, stcnr
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the sides of the chest are often of value, — ^soap liniment, aqua
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December 29, 1866, which proved unsuccessful. He then under-
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diagnosis of probable AD, the highest level of clinical
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l^hlehitis were very prevalent; and as these poisons
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whole body with soap, water at about eighty degrees Fahrenheit, and a common
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as to more or less interfere with his business duties. Consult-
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mortification of the walls within the space nourished by the branch which
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Until the antiseptic epoch, or somewhat earlier, the
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Further rules are rarely required i(x the treatment of symptoms.
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pressure at the age of nineteen was 210 mm. systolic and 110
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When the desensus is moderate and cystocele only small, good
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great credit to the Chamber and inestimable benefit to our fair
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all splinters. The same application is best adapted for narrow, but deep wounds.
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per cent, alcohol, and filtering. The alcoholic solution
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only temporary benefit. A uterine examination was made, and
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repeatedly attacked with the West Indian fever. Sir Ranald
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In animals arthritis is easily produced by intravenous inoculation of
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delusion; an unsound mind, on the contrary, is marked by delu-