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suffering, calm excitement, induce repose, and perform,

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is not uncommon, and that so large a number of cases

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little good wine or good beer. Fresh air, gentle exercise, warm

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and, perhaps, most profitably, in those diseases which I have

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medical instruction, but teachers will be able to make explanations

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swelling disappeared. His face was puffed at the same time. He urinates very

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quinin salts that are readily soluble in water, but in actual

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Translation of Boyer's Treatise on Surgical Diseases - - - 209

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through cutaneous areas, the loss of heat by radiation and

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Two further slight hcemorrhagea from smaller vessels at two

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poor in nitrogen, individuals are produced who are deficient in

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splints, that 'f J"'?^' „y .3ition . At the end of three months

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like exudate. The cortex was thicker than normal and edematous. All

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The President showed a fibroid tumour removed by him from the posterior

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Truly, he knew how to be a King's surgeon, and a crafty

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should regard it in the highest kind of way. The way that is safest for

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tous forms that guard the threshold of the medical temple: but

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Par., 1899, cxxviii, 618-620.— l,aguesse (E.) Bourrelets

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I do not like to think that electric humbuggery is ever practiced by the medi-

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lending to distension of the pelvis and calices from an accnmalation of

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times in the current medical literature of the day, and

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bra ce alHhat is known of the causes^ nature, sy mptom s, ^eve n-

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the moody or of the erethistic type. The nature of the

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between muscular fibres may be seen. Muscular tissue is still predomi-

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well-grounded confidence in their own power to detect the be-

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cases of AD."^^ Further auditory assessment is recom-

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reactions catalyzed by human placental alkaline phosphatase. Biochim .

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ing for a time, it became dry, and assumed the propeny of effer-

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ger, and that the paroxysm will certainly be arrested. Alter the ooBTit

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the capsule peels quite readily ; the surface is smooth,

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the chief features are retrobulbar neuritis, a central scotoma, and a normal

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ficient to a fiord data for a comparison between the strength

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and the eruptions which result from it to disappear.

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not think that would be any inconvenience to any one, except that there are quite a large

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read a paper on the present position of intra nasal sur-

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its bacilli, are thrown off in the suppurative process. Thus it is good

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