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the last stage of phthisis, which is not uncommon, when
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ism increased to per cent, above normal
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or three weeks after a fall from a l)Uggy.- For the
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nounced, the heart's action had been the feeblest. In
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universal success. But we feel, that we should neither perform our duty as good
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themselves the general characters of the diathesis, or have suffered
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tected in water. These streptococci are not hardy, and therefore when
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Dose : Of a solution of six pills to two tablespoonfuls of water, give a
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modic croup I at once give the child a large dose of any oleaginous
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the sideroscopic examination. The value of the sidero-
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small-pox in duration, in the absence of any initial rashes, in the higher
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The increase in blood-pressure is attributed to increased
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commonly is permanent. Second attacks are very rare. I have seen three
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resembled those of the abdomen. There was no enlargement of
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Mark Twain is credited with the belief that the smoking
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while in open pyonephrosis fever and apyrexia are present with about equal
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her. This fact that she was always at her worst after
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Sternberg made no comparisons of periods, but plainly demon-
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the former paragraphs have been entirely re-written when there seemed
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said to have been found in the brain after post-rheumatic chorea, were established,
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that the patient's complaint during life had led me to suspect
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Although many of the authors of these t>vo centuries boldly advocated
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vations and experiments performed with a view of elucidating this subject
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the following device may be helpful. Place in front of the patient a screen which
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even by diabetics, that its gentle sedative action at
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coils of small intestines greatly distended and matted
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symptoms depending for degree upon the organ interfered
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been thus confirmed by post-mortem examinations, I have
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was philosophical and received all the benefit there
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ened stool. Stool too large to be evacuated without pain.
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caused by some arrest of development during intra-uterine life.
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The Practical Application of Vaccination. — There is a remarkable
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patient will pass through a severe catarrhal bronchitis or
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moA*ement, and delirium may occur. These symptoms denote inflamma-
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we give here some of the fruits of his experience in ap-
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imately the relative frequency of syphilis as a probable
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it ln-.iltli\. ;liMiild he r(ld.u,.d. 'I'lic Ml. .mill ..111 ii.,i\ In. -imncd .il.d ,i
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cases in breathing, the inspiratory act being accompanied by a
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necrosis is due to the action of pancreatic secretion on fat,
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dog, bat apparently a good deal thinner. A little later
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metabolism, urea, uric acid, and creatinine, should, in
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The Orbit. — The cavity for the eye is a somewhat quadrangular