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out the attack, but is not of a severe type, save in the septic and ma-
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enlargement of the right ventricle, though more often of the left ven-
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and the arsenic either discontinued or the daily dose reduced should
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Specific Diagnosis and Specific Medication. J. W. Fyfe. $5.00. Scudder
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anorexia, malaise, and slight fever (often preceded by shiverings) ; the
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movements may be practically the same in both conditions.
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being "Prnritis." Hearty discussion was entered into by the members
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Ktiology. — Of the physiologic forms, the following are the main
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is the production of a funnel-shaped stenosis of the rectum which
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Definition. — A common, painful disease of the muscles and of the
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characterize this disease. In its various phases it may simulate almost
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comes splinted, vomiting and all the characteristic symptoms of
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temper of the times a few years later: "I for one desire the en-
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may be preceded by psychic disturbance, headache, dizziness, and loss
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cases the territory involved is less extensive, and the blood may occupy a
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present Ave may employ iron and arsenic. The albuminate of iron has
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often coexists, and is to be regarded as salutary in its effects. When
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coarse and illiterate, and who have not been taught the lessons of self-
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brief) of small isolated groups of muscular fibers of the face, trunk, or
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to thirty leeches are to be applied to the abdomen. The ice-bag or ice-
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muscular weakness, paresis, or actual paralysis of a single muscle,
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that when the pleura is implicated the signs of pleurisy are added, and
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total number occur between twenty and tliirty years of age. Acute endo-
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In diagnosticating chronic intestinal catarrh we maj^ have difficulty
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sults. Perhaps the three best cholagogues that may be mentioned are
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follow the acute infectious diseases. Alcohol plays an unimportant role
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lesions in other parts of the body, and particularly in the lungs.
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dorsum and tip. Later, it changes to a thick yellow color and becomes
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Vierordt mentions having seen in some cases of pyelo-nephritis pecu-