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to distinguish this at a glance, as in the Heberden's nodes, yet in the larger

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presence of unfavorable environment or association, even although the out-

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* Gierke, " Chromaffines System und seine Pathologic," Ergehnisse der aUg. Path.,

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especially those due to the colon bacillus, be simply a slightly cloudy fluid

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throbbed, swelled, and "went dead." Even in summer the nands were

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stenosis, or pressure on nerves, extirpation, of course, should be done. In

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finger is spindle-shaped. Marie mentions a patient in whom the terminal

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peritoneum, etc. The most frequent change is widespread or Complete

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Rovsing, the absence of albumin, pus, or bacteria from the second kidney

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the shape of the kidney is usually well preserved and the cancerous growth

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associated with abscess formation. The gradual dilatation of the pelvis

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entirely caseous, with a narrow zone of connective tissue about the margin.

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There is often considerable perinephritis, and in some cases the capsule

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may not be observed, these figures may be erroneous.

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appearance and microscopic structure as is seen in the lymph nodes. The

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