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juvenile started a bad case of pavor nocturnus. At this })oiut
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Intestinal. — In this form we may have, in addition to the general
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culosis under very favourable circumstances, — in a number of cases in
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dorsal and lumbar vertebrse may be next affected, so that in bad cases
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"will fhe^^eforT be' '"' \T r^''^^''^^- ^he courses run concurrently and
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by the fact that there is more than sufficient hydrochloric acid and pepsin
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the failure of some observers who have attempted subcutaneous inocula-
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previously mentioned, the stomach was affected in a similar way. I have
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ordination, abolished reflexes, dilated pupils, and inability to close the
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The course of malignant disease may be divided into three stages, in
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horfes : but a general fault in the French horfes is,
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Morbid anatomy and pathology. — Kigor mortis sets in early,
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and during the treatment everything possible must be done to increase
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epidemics of the characteristic and often fatal ansemia with which it is
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iced milk, or chicken-broth, may be given every three or four hours, or at
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of importance to remember that these figures are only applicable as
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Children bear very large doses of alcohol badly, they quickly become
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sound scientific basis being established for the clinical use of anti-
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it was decided by these bodies that the classification of Jansky be
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have occurred, a few cases reporting some nausea. On investigation it
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at a discussion at the Life Assurance Medical Officers' Association in
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tonitis around it. It is reasonable, however, to suppose that the proneness
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that of sleeping sickness are singularly limited, and that their geographical
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brought under early treatment, the majority of the cases recover. The
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discharges its contents, and then tends to cicatrise. This is usually accom-
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cancerous growths. The cat is more frequently affected with spontaneous
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advice as to the clinics and lectures which should be taken and to confer
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pifkctising before that d-ate will be permitted to continue.
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stomach, a similar degeneration may occur. (3) Albuminoid degeneration
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