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notice of the book the title of which heads this article. We freely

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was so extreme that the occiput was brought within two inches of the

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demonstrated to his audience shells in a piece of chalk

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the earliest manifestations of this disease is an enlargement of the lymph-

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gastric oppression. A valuable distinguishing feature

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pointed out, the pain and tenderness in gastro- jejunal and jejunal

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excess and deficiency of the secretion of bile, as functional disorders, must

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bones to fracture upon the least exposure to force.

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which the beverage was dispensed in glasses and mugs,

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occur intercurrently, in persons wlio are confirmed epileptics.

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Exposure to cold is the generally observable direct cause ; but cases

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when I found a messenger waiting to announce to me, that,

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hot water, which is allowed to run off before it is tilled with

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houses, intermediate between the asylum and home. There is good

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peared, but the patient's condition still continued

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with sad results. I recall rather vividly a comparatively recent

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by the prominence of a sul)clavian hruit. In both these cases the

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.\rt. H. The nature of the work in medical investigation

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always accompanying the systole of the heart, and when we

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ing valve into a bony and rigid unvarying chink, the blood which

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extend their limbs with a violence scarcely to be resisted or controlled

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obtained from it. In the picture it is indicated by the coin lying

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disease is established, the lesson we ought to impress is

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More or less liquid effusion usually takes place, as in other serous in-

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the apothecary in Germany is subjected, the result is capable

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