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Medical Registration and Examination and whether the applica

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sparsely attended meetings of our medical societies even

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hard to conceive of a time when the Teutonic race was not

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the lung tissue cannot be digested by the liver extract.

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refuse to work and all other graduates do likewise. Let me say

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first described by Bremer. While later work has shown

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regular temperature io6 F. The case was diagnosed as peri

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placed in a moist chamber. The corpuscles are set in motion.

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The literature of the l acteriology of the skin is a long and

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Hodgkins and Son of Hanley England recently obtained three

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on amyloid degeneration. He had also assisted in the

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in 1827 when it recurred but fortunately he suffered in the

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Shelby County. Report rendered and dues paid. Repre

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Ehrlich in his application of the side chain theory to

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come to Gotham will be expressed by President Bell of the

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mentary substances and small pieces of hay and also seeds of

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matter while the latter suggested even the employment of

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in Germany the ecclesiastical authorities are very strict in this

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There are no irregular practitioners in the county.

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one of the pleasantest to those in attendance thereon which we have ever

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less w ays but by methods which often cause serious trouble.

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obtained. Precipitation of the mucin from milk was accom

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of a close meshed finely granular reticulum but in some

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to reduce a congenitally dislocated hip just as it holds good

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peritonitis and cultures from the peritoneum liver kidneys

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of the physician biologists that are included in this volume.

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details it suffices to say that by this plan our preliminary

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that some of them could be proved to be comparatively

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ment might be grouped together and easily learned. Nor

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in soup occurred three hours afterwards in their chyle vessels

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This parasite is found in the blood of the red eye Leucis

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in education and the advisability of making nature study a

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nue has for the third day been placed at the disposal of the

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ditions particularly favorable to spontaneous generation

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horse. This parasite of a higher order is inoculable into dogs

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On motion the committee rose. The President resumed the chair.

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munion creates and then utility will have its reign and