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MacCallum has also seen the impregnation by the flagellum of the

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Archives ginirales de mAdecine, 2nd series, p. 74; 1834. —30. Von Petersen.

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bey and Son," for the last illness of Mrs. Skewton) ; and

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ever, in one family. It is certain that the progeny of a healthy person

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valescence tonics and liberal diet are necessary, and prolonged rest from

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sizes and dignity — ties, bags, periwigs, and bobs. His por-

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may be altered with the shifting of the centre of gravity ; the lower portion

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dilated mouths of follicles from which a yellowish viscid fluid exudes.

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characteristic appearance of the yellow plates, embedded in the corium,

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expose themselves to these contributory causes with impunity, being well

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Colouring matters applied — not very infrequently — by hysterical or

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ing in relation to this scheme of the aura, and the sequence of events.

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tentionally kill the man who is trying to pick my pocket. Every excess

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on the back of each foot in a line corresponding with the extensor tendon

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constitutional ; dusting powders and astringents, applied after the part

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and friends. They make frivolous complaints, exaggerate events, and

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was of high importance he should know within a little how

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established it is said to be permanent ; but in my own case, when last

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good soldiers, the male quacks of old England would be a

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absent from first to last. It is to be understood that all the elements of

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Dubois-Havenith) ; and he claims to have cured several cases by these

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strongly towards its own side. If, however, the superior attachment

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Senior Physician and Lecturer on Clinical Medicine, Westminster Hospital, Examiner in

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lead, and pure glycerine, of each one ounce ; water to one pint. A basin

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Neumann. Text-Book. — 22. Idem. "Ueber Lichen ruber, acuminatus, planus u.

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child to have a small wound on the foot, a part where pathogenetic

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in a rotation of the head and turning of the face in the direction in

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nerves," moreover, for the melancholy that resulted from

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wake screaming, "It's the house with the blind eyes." No one knew

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stated, or my action will be wrong. If he assaults me, I may retaliate

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patient is fed. Chloralamide or sulphonal is, however, useful. The

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affected the psoriatic lesions on the limbs and head only, leaving the body

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/. If the titration of ammonia held by an excess of boric acid,

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experience the great majority of cases belong to the " mixed form," and,

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latter case occurred at Heidelberg where tetany is so common, and that it

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In one case (12a) a purpuric erythema appeared on the inner aspect of

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exceptionally, a bilateral convulsive grin results, which has been variously