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in 1918, many bacteriologists were able to isolate the Pfeiffer bacillus
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obtained by the family physician should be inviolate. If he
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Further, if any accidental injury is inflicted upon the female parent -
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the cervical g-ang-lion is indicated. Look for involve-
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in their paintings, was prepared from an aluminous salt or earth termed by
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be given if the heart is at fault. If the serous effusions are abundant, they
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should take her rightful position as leader organization.
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the patient was anesthetized and a large quantity of pus, I suppose
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which the pieces were taken. As the suppuration was from
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Best History of Surgery and Surgeons in Virginia, pre-
the same author published in the December niunber of
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While hypnotic suggestion might regulate a disturbed
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Doctor Daniel Drake, whose portrait appeared in our September issue. At
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certain forms of chronic malaria do not improve under
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introduced into clinical use. In 1957, Ungar and his
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male cases, with locomotor ataxia, paralysis agitaus
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Additions 3. la Traduction Fran^aise du Traite des Maladies des Reins de Bartels.
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cannot have access to and do not read. But if we go to the great
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land, and Bermuda being the only stations which, during the
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causes of dental irritation, and two which were easily
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period of frightful physical and mental suffering. However, if
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* Beissen, — an expression denoting the itching caused by the bite of fleas,
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Royal Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, &c., asssistedby
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\Read before the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society.]
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Notvvithstaucliiii^ tlu* use of tlit'Sf iiu'tliocls, a c-oiiiparison of
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end. The operation was niott successful, except for a small
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Snooessfnl Semoyal of a Knife from the Bladder. — At
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After this it was perfectly clear to him that all dis-
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36 in 148. According to my investigation the other seventy-five per cent, went
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nor too short, but just the proper length. Now this implies
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Diagnosis. — Acute Rheumatism. The prevalence of an
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